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Anders Hansson

I've been working as a photojournalist, based in Malmö, since 1998. For the last 20 years I've had a strong focus on international news and social stories. After working for most of Scandinavias leading newspapers and magazines, I, became a contract photographer for Dagens Nyheter, Swedens leading daily newspaper, in 2008, and have covered both local and international events for them, everything from the Arab Spring to the war in Ukraine. Dagens Nyheter is my main client but I take assignments from other newspapers and magazines aswell. In 2014 I published my first photobook, "Flykt", about refugees around the world, in cooperation with the Swedish Red Cross. At the moment I'm working on several new book projects.

I've been fortunate to recieve numerous awards for my work. The ones I'm most proud of is that I was selected Photographer of the Year in Sweden in 2016 and I've been awarded the Red Cross Journalist Award twice.




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